Brickellashes Is Not Only a Popular Lash Studio, But Also An Academy! Check Out All Their Services Below

Eyelash extensions are a true revolution in fashion and beauty culture, saving women effort and time every day to help them feel and look their best. The benefits of lash extensions are far beyond just opening the eyes and eliminating the trouble of applying mascaras; they give immense confidence and actual glamor from within.

Everyone wishes to have full, long, fluttery lashes and this wonderful technique is probably one of the greatest beauty trends for glamorous, natural lashes- that is here to stay. Eyelash extensions take your overall charm to a whole new level, making your lashes even more beautiful, fuller, darker and thicker 24/7. 

In that sense, Brickellashes is one of the most popular lash studios in the Miami Area. Rosaine Quintana is the founder of this successful business and she created it with the main goal of changing the vision of lashes extensions. All their treatments and products are medically approved and are safe and affordable for every woman.

“I wanted to change the industry and do things right. I want to put an end to the myth that eyelash extensions mistreat the natural eyelash, this is not true if the correct techniques are applied. At Brickellashes we have many happy and satisfied clients, that only motivates me to be better every day”, Rosaine explains.

Her business manages to stand out from others by the passion that Rosaine and her team put into everything they do. They provide quality services and the highest quality in the industry. But that’s not all. Brickellashes is also an academy, which offers private and group courses for everyone interested in the eyelashes business.

All their services are known for providing remarkable results, no matter the condition of the lashes before the treatment takes place. Some of their services include: russian volume, mega volume, ombre brows, lip blush, eyebrow touch up, fibroblast and more! 

Brickellashes is the right place for the most demanding clients. They provide industry-leading, revolutionary beauty treatments with the latest technology that exceeds everyone’s expectations. What’s more, every service is completely personalized to fit the customer’s unique needs and ensure the best possible results.

“One of the obstacles that I have gone through with my business is knowing how to transform crisis into opportunity. But we have achieved it. So resist, persist and never give up. Commit to working hard and learning a lot, and success will come”, Rosaine advises.

Some of the benefits of eyelash extensions that clients love the most are that they add volume and length, save time, make everyone look awake and youthful, are not an invasive process and provide a lifted and natural appearance.

Ready to embark on a beautiful journey with Brickellashes? Contact them to schedule a consultation with one of their experienced team members here and follow them on Instagram here.