Empower Men and Women Through Beauty and Fashion, Dr. Amber Jamal is the Mastermind Behind the Beauty Global Network

Dr. Amber Jamal Physician, CEO Of Beauty Global Network | CEO Of Retail Brands (Amber Dazzle Cosmetics, AP Fashion USA Jewelry, AD Handbags), And TV Personality

Dr. Amber Jamal Vision:

CHARACTER. INTELLIGENCE. STRENGTH. STYLE THAT MAKES BEAUTY.” Networking is the Big Wave of the future. It’s taking the place of franchising and marketing.  Marketing yourself, your uniqueness and what you stand for.

We at Beauty Global Network (BGN) believe in empowering men and women and helping build each other for success and excellence. Beauty Global Network stands for networking for all kinds of businesses related to health, beauty, fitness, and entrepreneurs from all walks of life. This platform brings great opportunities for everyone to come together, enjoy, mingle, socialize, network, and advertise their business. BGN does live shows every week with BGN anchors and BGN also launches BGN magazines every month encompassing successful lifestyles”

We have an excellent approach to join hands with people from across the globe by digital networking. We have designed Men global council, Women global council, and Creative and Talent Council in which people can join the membership of our forum and come to the limelight for their amazing journey as successful entrepreneurs and talents. We have given a voice to people on our digital forum who join us in collaboration. 

For this reason, we have launched our monthly BGN Magazine BGN Magazine: BGN Magazine is a digital magazine widely circulated digitally in the USA and Canada and globally across the world. Our magazine has a strong presence in the USA and internationally across the world. We bring entrepreneurs, creative talent, business leaders, and people with successful inspirational achievements.  

This digital magazine has the ability for global distribution, virality, interactive content, convenience for the readers, sustainability

The BGN Magazine provides a wealth of information, inspiration, and creative ideas for readers.

Leadership is not wielding authority; it is empowering people. “We Rise by uplifting Others.”

Dr Amber Jamal has collaborated with Mahjabeen Zaidi Chairperson of Zain for hearts Foundation , a non profit organization which promotes projects and initiatives in areas of public health , education, sports for underprivileged female athletes , organizing and supporting cultural charity events .

Chairperson of Zain for Hearts Foundation

Last but Not the Least Dr. Amber Says! Most beautiful eyes are those that seek beauty in others.

Additionally, I would like to introduce Dr. Huma Qamar (BGN Director) and her vision for Beauty Global Network.

Dr. Huma Qamar

Physician | Clinical Researcher| Vice President-Head of Research and Development | Beauty & Health Influencer |Anchor | Media

Personality | Fashion Blogger |Mrs. Pakistan USA

“Networking is not about just connecting people. It’s about connecting people with people, people with ideas, and people with opportunities.”

Dr Qamar strongly believes in thinking outside the box and taking calculated risks. She is currently running a popular program on BGN: “Dr Huma Qamar Show- Inspirational Series” where her platform allows the candid, untold, motivational journey of outstanding individuals who have created a difference in their lives and the communities overall.

Dr. Qamar passionately states that “You are the captain of the ship and the commander in chief of your destiny. You have the art and warmth to build the future generations”.

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